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This is not Freakonomics.  Or Superfreakonomics.

Nor is it Spouseonomics, or Soccernomics, or Womenomics, or Obamanomics, or Slackonomics, or Inventonomics, or Scroogenomics.

As far as I can tell, these are all real books.  And honestly, I have no problem with them. Heck, I hear they're doing quite well for themselves.  In fact, I'd love to ride the wave.

But it just won't do, to chain my blog to a particular topic.  And let's face it, economics is really defined by its toolbox, not the subjects it studies.  All of this stuff is economics.  So, I thought, why not just call it regular economics but take the large view of what economics is?

Well, in that case I could name my blog Economics, but that's boring, and besides it's probably already taken (by someone boring, I bet).  And then I thought, what about Econonomics?  Well that's nice but after a quick google search I decided I didn't want to get lost in the sea of typos by people who actually just misspelled economics.  And hence Economonomics was born.  Ah.  It has a certain optimal ridiculousness to it, once you actually manage to say it on the third or fourth try.  We knew we had a winner because no one could stop laughing at the proposed title.  I mean, think of the tag lines!

Economonomics: A normal economist explores the hidden side of...economics.


Economonomics: Using the tools of economics to study...economics.

Or even simpler,
Economonomics: The economics of...economics.


Well, almost perfect.  Unfortunately, it seems that by avoiding the sea of accidental economics misspellings, we've created a bigger problem, namely that nobody is actually able to spell Economonomics on purpose.  I decided to italicize the first half of it so it would be easier to parse visually, but it's still impossible to type.  If you succeed in googling the name of this blog correctly, you will definitely find it!  But nobody can do that.  Instead, they type economonics, economonomonics, economnomics economomics, economononics, econmonomics, econonomomics, and so forth.

And so it became necessary to create a page that actually contained all these misspellings, in order to rescue the poor wayward googlers from their confusion.  If you have arrived at this page because you were searching for Economonomics but couldn't type it: Welcome!  For the longest time, I had trouble with the typing myself.

Still do, if I think about it too hard.

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  1. An excellent about page if I ever saw one. I particularly liked the "by someone boring, I bet" comment in parens.