Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Punkin Chunkin

Via MR, a progress report on the pumpkin launching ability of our great nation.  Why has the max distance launched leveled off at about 4000 feet in recent years?

I'm not exactly sure why, but I once actually attended the Punkin Chunkin event.  There were several classes of competition, from catapults and trebuchets all the way up to pneumatic cannons.  If memory serves, the cannons were arrayed at one end of a large field, and would take turns firing these white pumpkins.  Someone would rush to where the pumpkin asploded, and the distance would be measured, possibly with some type of laser device.

Only, the field wasn't long enough.  Some of the pumpkins went so far that they were lost in the woods at the other end of the field.  They didn't count, sadly.

So maybe 4000 feet is just the length of the field.  Or maybe this high school memory has decayed way beyond the point of trustworthiness.

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