Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As some of you may have noticed, Economonomics is a very popular blog. Thousands of readers visit this site, even if we just restrict our focus to the last 12 hours. I mean, look at this:

Gosh, what to do with all this popularity? Well, benevolent soul that I am, I will use it to direct some traffic to a lesser known but truly deserving site, namely Greg Mankiw's Blog. I heard his plea for help, and I am answering the call. Please visit, everyone. May the Mankiw one day have the audience he deserves.


  1. Interesting. Do you have a sense for how many pageviews were from self-referential links?

    On a related note, you might be interested in a related case study.

  2. Good question Tony, according to google analytics the answer appears to be that about 2/3rds of views are unique views. Not 100% sure which number is reported in the graph above tho.

    Interesting case study; one difference already is that (perhaps unsurprisingly) a simple haiku brings many fewer opinionated commenters than your Mankiw vs Krugman post.

  3. I love how it goes from to 12 to 2802.