Monday, May 16, 2011

Haikunomic 06: NGM Grand

Chapter 1 of my
favorite haiku -- I learned Ten
Principles from you.

Chapter 2 of my
favorite haiku -- how can I
thank you, Greg Mankiw?

This marks the beginning of a new focus for the Economonomics haiku series, where we will be bottling the very essence of noted economists into tiny little haikus. Greg Mankiw was an easy first choice because, like the spare haiku, he practices remarkable self-restraint in an often turbulent blogosphere where it must at least be tempting to respond in kind to one's detractors.

By the way, according to my rough back of the envelope calculation, I would need to be paid $17,365 for this haiku, in order to make the same amount of revenue as Greg Mankiw's Principles on a per-word basis, which has sold over a million copies (and is currently going for $190 at Amazon). This is a tall order. But since my haiku is literally self-recommending (you did click those links, didn't you?) while Mankiw's textbook is at best figuratively self-recommending, I think I may have the edge. On the other hand, I predict he will adapt in the face of this heightened competition. The 7th edition is sure to have a "Recommended for Further Reading" page, and I can already imagine what it will look like.

As always, you can click the "haikunomic" tag at the top right to see past Economonomics haikus. And future haikus, too, if that's where you're hailing from. (What's it like, by the way?)


  1. I wonder of the author of *my favorite textbook* will enjoy the reference of my favorite haiku. This reminds me of searching Google for recursion.

  2. Hey Tony, I never googled recursion before, but I did once have a textbook with "Endless loop" in the index. Of course, it simply directed the reader to "See Loop, endless"...which returned the favor.

  3. Exogeneous CombustionMay 16, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    Keep track of your traffic.

  4. perfectlyGoodInkMay 17, 2011 at 2:03 AM

    He certainly did.

    I dig the recursion, but

    is it a haiku
    if you have eight syllables
    in the second line?

  5. hey perfectlyGoodInk,

    "favorite" can have 2
    or 3 beats, it's up to you
    except in haiku

    In that case it's up to me :)

  6. Exogeneous CombustionMay 19, 2011 at 5:32 PM


  7. Awesome video of economist Art Carden.

    Haiku: The Laws of Supply and Demand