Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here's some nice cross-pollination, especially if you're interested in political economy:

Economics tries to describe (a) what an optimizing agent looks like, and (b) what happens when we add up a bunch of optimizing agents. Of course we're not the only ones interested in some facet of this question, and it's always nice to encounter different perspectives.

As a side note, where Lemire points out that "computer" originally referred to humans, I am reminded that "manufacture" comes from the Latin for "make" and "by hand." How times have changed.


  1. This is what bureaucrats look like (awesome photos by the way):

  2. philipp, nice!

    "Prakash has 45 subordinates and is responsable for public order and the development of his block. As the highest civil servant in Makhdumpur, he has a towel on his chair. The plate behind him contains the names of his predecessors. Monthly salary: 12,000 rupees (euro 240, US$ 263)"