Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scenic Moo

A semi-loyal reader reports: "i would start a blog but i dont have any good blog names"

Unacceptable! Unfortunately the best name is already taken, but do not despair. Here are some fresh ones that you may feel free to use:
  1. Echonomics. A fine choice if you are looking to create a blog that summarizes the work of others. I personally wish there were more such blogs.
  2. Walrasian Magic. Good, but caveats apply.
  3. Supereconomonomics. This could be interpreted as an attempt to one-up me, but more likely you will really be digging yourself into a deeper hole. At your peril.
  4. Economists Mind Their P's and Q's. I would be honored if you named your blog after one of my haikunomics. You could also put this on your department tshirt. It's not as racy as Economists Do It With Models, which may or may not appeal to your economist sensibilities.
  5. Oikonomics. As we all know, "economics" comes from the greek "oikos" meaning household. Besides being a clean throwback to the root, this would be a particularly excellent title for a home economics blog.
  6. Oinkonomics. Perfect for the bacon-loving economist in all of us.
  7. Scenic Moo. If you're more of a beef lover, this one might be for you. As an anagram of Economics, it also sends the message: Economics is Messed Up. (a possible subtitle)

So there, no more excuses. Go start a blog.

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