Friday, March 25, 2011

Haikunomic 04: Menu Costs?

So many waiters
I mean, waiting customers.

Or is the bisque just too cheap at 6:30 on a Friday night?


  1. I like it. Maybe one could replace the final line with "this is place to be." As I understand it, Becker's argument isn't so much about the food being better (and some sort of signaling story about the underlying quality of food), but the restaurant being "hot."

  2. "The food must be good" versus "This is the place to be":

    In principle these stories aren't necessarily in conflict, are they? I guess I was imagining a scenario where people's opinion of what's good depends on other people's opinions, even as they're eating it; that is, the long line is not just signaling the quality in advance of trying the restaurant out, it's actually affecting the subjective quality of the food.

    That said, your point is well taken (certainly more directly in the spirit of the actual paper) and what's more I like your version better: edited accordingly.