Thursday, February 3, 2011


A bold claim over at Wehr:
The worst word in the English language is “prepare”.
Actually this is completely true, at least according to the measure endorsed here at Economonomics. I'm sorry to say that "prepare" and its spawn are egregiously uneconomonomical.

The root of "prepare" is the latin word "paro," which itself already means "prepare." So we took that and added an extra pre- know, just in case it wasn't already clear. So "prepared" kinda sorta really means "pre-prepared." Silly.

Wait what's that you say? "Pre-prepared" is a word too? What? There's an entire aisle of your grocery store devoted to frozen "pre-prepared" meals?!? Would that really mean pre-pre-prepared?

Of course, if "uneconomonomical" was actually a word in the English language, "pre-prepared" would only be the second most uneconomonomical English word. In that case it wouldn't even be close, since "uneconomonomical" is both definitionally and literally uneconomonomical.

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